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All our nipa huts have Certificate of Origin, Notice of Use and Warranty.  All our collections are 100% handmade. Our usual warranty for manufacturing are governed under the laws of the origin country.

Important: Bamboo is not a wood. It should not be considered as a wood.

As part of our quality service warranty, we give our personal specific service such as replacement of parts of nipa huts.

We also extend our service even for the future such as roof replacement, parts replacement, or any other parts that will be broken or those parts that need to be replaced.  We can make arrangements involving these services.

Very important: All outdoor items are protected by varnish.  The varnish is only a basic treatment and as time pass by, the chemical or physical changes will always depend on many factors.

In case of sales done with an agent, we do not personally extend our direct service.

For the buyer, the only best warranty is to get the Certificate Of Origin.

Beware of imitation. It means bad quality and very big deception.