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Categories of quality

Class A

  • Refers to those items which are produced on the basis of  the customers’ specific requirements as to size, color, and kind
  • Only the bamboos that have re-growing capabilities or capabilities are cut.  This paves way for preservation of the ecosystem.
  • All the woods that we need for the manufacturing are intensively dried and treated.
  • BB (borex-borax) treatment is applied
  • Slats are all calibrated to assure durability
  • Nipa huts are assembled and handled by our master carpenters.
  • Excellent finishing and varnishing are applied for a great look
  • Roof is made with the best quality of nipa leaves

Class A+

  • This refers to the same specifications as Class A. The difference is the application of varnish where it is not done by us.  Some of the retailers import nipa huts which are “sanded finish” only and apply their own varnish like marine varnish or special screws because they want to give their own customized looks or touch.

Class B

  • This refers to those items without finishing and does not match with the qualities of A and A+.
  • The essential difference is that it is treated with chemical with hydrocarbon elements (diesel and kerosene) plus insectiside. No fungicide is applied.

Class C

  • These items are manufactured without adhering to the standards of  bamboo selection and  which are not yet scraped.
  • Only first coating of varnish is applied

For wholesale market, we propose the 4 qualities.

For private sales, we supply only Class A.  It can also be Class C if it is stated in the website.